1. Herpes - Facts about Herpes Simplex Virus


    Oral Herpes. Oral Herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus, is estimated to be present in 50 to 80 percent of the American adult population.

  2. Herpes Support Groups and Herpes Social Groups - Dating ...


    Dating With Herpes Homepage; Herpes Dating Online; Herpes Support Groups and Herpes Social Groups; Herpes Diagnosis; How Did I Get Herpes? Herpes Treatments

  3. H-YPE! - Herpes & HPV Dating


    H-YPE is a UK based herpes dating site set among a real sense of community and support. The name H-YPE is an acronym for H-Your Positive Experience.

  4. Herpes Test | Is there an at home herpes test?


    Herpes Test | Test for herpes diagnosis with a herpes culture test, antibody test, antigen test, POC, POCKit, HerpeSelect, Western Blot.

  5. Herpes Transmission Rates Why Your Partner Might Not


    Herpes transmission rates broken down by gender, use of condoms, antiviral suppressive therapy (Valtrex) and other factors.

  6. HerpesWhy is Conventional Medicine Ignoring the Obvious ...


    C is good, but herpes live in the nerve endings in your body. The 2 amino acids Arginine and Lysine must be in a particular ratio to be balanced.

  7. Relationships and Herpes | Herpes.org


    6. Q. I just found out that I have genital herpes. Now I have to tell my sexual partner. How do I tell them? A. First get the facts and an accurate understanding ...

  8. CDC Genital Herpes Screening


    Genital herpes is common. Why doesnt CDC recommend testing everyone for this STD? CDC does not recommend herpes testing for people without symptoms.

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    the Herpes Viruses Association helps get you get your head around herpes Genital herpes, herpes simplex, hereps, hepres, herpes support, herpes treatment

  10. Herpes Facts Archives - Just Herpes


    Its crucial to know the herpes facts and myths. Herpes is misunderstood and common, yet under-diagnosed. A massive 85% of those who have herpes dont know.